Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mid-Autumn Festival

The Chinatown here ran a Mid-Autumn Festival (a.k.a. Moon Festival) a couple of weeks ago. My family decided to participate as a "vendor" at the event, and set up a table with various homemade goodies made by my step-mom. I admit I kind of geeked out when I saw a 50-lb bag of all-purpose flour in the house! Thank goodness for wholesale stores. :o) Anyway, she made a variety of foods, all of which are pictured and captioned below. I already had plans that day, so I was unable to man the table but I was told they sold out of almost everything. The parents said it was a fun experience. I think this was a one-off but you never know!

Pickled cucumber 

Taiwanese-style kimchi (L) and Korean-style kimchi (R) 

Green tea mantou with craisins and nuts

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