Monday, October 22, 2012

Breaking Bread: Part 5 (Cheddar-sriracha bread)

Saran wrap on the kitchen counter because I was too lazy to clean up all that flour. XoD

It looks like some of the bread isn't fully cooked here... Or is that just me? O_o

Cheddar-sriracha bread! I saw this online recently and was super intrigued! I have a baking pet project! :oD Sriracha is basically hot sauce, fyi.

The one issue I had with this bread was near the beginning when I added yeast to the milk mixture. It wasn't foaming, so I mixed it in. Big mistake! The dough didn't rise like it normally should have. :o( Other than that, I think it turned out okay. I think if the dough had risen properly, I would have had two loaves instead of one. As it is, the bread is tasty but not that spicy. I suppose I'm okay with that. This loaf stayed home, too.

Before this recipe, I wasn't aware of that strategy of misting the oven before baking the bread. I'll have to try that out on other bread varieties to see what difference it makes. More experimenting! :o)


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