Monday, October 22, 2012

Breaking Bread: Part 1 (Jalapeno-Corn-Beer)

Not the most photogenic of breads pre-oven...

Jalapeno-Corn-Beer = Top left loaf

My company had an internal bake sale last week Monday. The objective was to raise funds to send care packages to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm not going to write down the ingredients and directions here because I have several more loaves to talk about. Besides, I can just as easily provide the link to the recipe below (which will be printer-friendly anyway). :o)

Since I love to bake, I thought I'd take advantage of this event to try out new recipes. I knew I wanted to make savory breads because every year this sale has been around, there's always more sweet than savory options. I saw an opportunity to shake things up!

I wasn't specifically looking for this jalapeno-corn-beer bread, but it was in the same space as a few other "quick" breads so I was intrigued. I had a strong feeling that jalapeno-corn-beer bread would sell quickly simply because of the "beer" in the title, and I was right! I used Miller High Life, fyi. Each loaf sold for $10, reflecting the ingredients and (hopefully) time spent in making each loaf. Even if you think that's too expensive, remember that the proceeds are for a good cause. ;o)

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