Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BBQ Chicken

Waffle fries

Olive fried chicken


Andong Jjimdak - steamed chicken, veggies, and noodles

One of my relatives told me about this place, which literally sells chicken and beer, in Duluth. She was headed there one evening and asked if I wanted to join, and I said 'Of course!'

There were four of us. I believe we ordered the olive chicken family meal with waffle fries and biscuits - mm, carbs. The jjimdak was not on the menu - at least not as far as I saw. My sister, the one who studied abroad in Korea, specifically asked if they made it and then ordered it. :o) Yet another perk of speaking a second/third language!

The chicken was amaze-balls! It was fried but didn't taste heavy like traditional American fried foods, which was fantastic. You could eat a lot without feeling bloated, haha. In hindsight, I suppose that could be just as dangerous as American fried chicken (because you could eat a lot more!). O_O Anyway, the waffle fries and biscuits came out first. I cannot help but love waffle fries - my Chick-fil-A days came to mind when they arrived at the table - which came with ketchup. I avoided the biscuits because I know (and you know!) that bread is just filler.

The jjimdak took a long time to come out, unfortunately. I'm not sure what was going on in the kitchen but we continued to wait for it. When it arrived, we were somewhat disappointed. Three of the four of us had been to South Korea and had eaten the "authentic" version of this dish, and the noodles that we before us were not the same. Primarily, the sauce was completely off. Sadness! I would still recommend the chicken though! Plus, as a bonus, this place has free password-protected wi-fi. ;o) I'm all about free wi-fi.

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