Monday, October 22, 2012

Breaking Bread: Part 5 (Cheddar-sriracha bread)

Saran wrap on the kitchen counter because I was too lazy to clean up all that flour. XoD

It looks like some of the bread isn't fully cooked here... Or is that just me? O_o

Cheddar-sriracha bread! I saw this online recently and was super intrigued! I have a baking pet project! :oD Sriracha is basically hot sauce, fyi.

The one issue I had with this bread was near the beginning when I added yeast to the milk mixture. It wasn't foaming, so I mixed it in. Big mistake! The dough didn't rise like it normally should have. :o( Other than that, I think it turned out okay. I think if the dough had risen properly, I would have had two loaves instead of one. As it is, the bread is tasty but not that spicy. I suppose I'm okay with that. This loaf stayed home, too.

Before this recipe, I wasn't aware of that strategy of misting the oven before baking the bread. I'll have to try that out on other bread varieties to see what difference it makes. More experimenting! :o)


Breaking Bread: Part 4 (Jalapeno-cheddar bread)

I had leftover jalapenos from the jalapeno-corn-beer bread and plenty of shredded cheese, so naturally I decided to make another loaf for the bake sale. O_O Baking masochist!

The yeast made this bread so fluffy that I had to use a second "baby" pan for the excess that was brimming over the top of the larger pan. The egg wash makes it look so good, doesn't it?! :oD The "baby" loaf stayed home while the larger loaf went towards the bake sale.


Breaking Bread: Part 3 (Pepperoni cheese bread)

Pepperoni-cheese bread = Right

I flubbed this one a bit. I was trying to make multiple loaves at the same time and neglected to include the sun-dried tomatoes in the mix. Plus, I forgot to dice the pepperoni AND toss the dry ingredients (including pepperoni and cheese) before adding the wet ingredients. O_O Other than that, it came out fine.... >.> Not my finest baking moment, but there you have it. I made two loaves, one of which stayed home. I still have the sun-dried tomatoes so I might try to make this again, only properly. ;oD

Breaking Bread: Part 2 (French ham and cheese bread)

French ham and cheese bread = Top left

This was probably one of the more expensive breads to make because of the Gruyere cheese involved. O_o I need to make this again for myself because I'm curious as to how it tastes. The downside to baking is that you can't taste the product as it's cooking or even when it's done (if you're going to give it or sell it to someone). Still, this loaf found a good home with an attorney. :o)

Breaking Bread: Part 1 (Jalapeno-Corn-Beer)

Not the most photogenic of breads pre-oven...

Jalapeno-Corn-Beer = Top left loaf

My company had an internal bake sale last week Monday. The objective was to raise funds to send care packages to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm not going to write down the ingredients and directions here because I have several more loaves to talk about. Besides, I can just as easily provide the link to the recipe below (which will be printer-friendly anyway). :o)

Since I love to bake, I thought I'd take advantage of this event to try out new recipes. I knew I wanted to make savory breads because every year this sale has been around, there's always more sweet than savory options. I saw an opportunity to shake things up!

I wasn't specifically looking for this jalapeno-corn-beer bread, but it was in the same space as a few other "quick" breads so I was intrigued. I had a strong feeling that jalapeno-corn-beer bread would sell quickly simply because of the "beer" in the title, and I was right! I used Miller High Life, fyi. Each loaf sold for $10, reflecting the ingredients and (hopefully) time spent in making each loaf. Even if you think that's too expensive, remember that the proceeds are for a good cause. ;o)

My Pig Me Up Anniversary/Rouxd

Shrimp Po Boy - Fried gulf shrimp on a French roll with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayo

Pork Belly Po Boy - Braised and deep-fried pork belly on a French roll with pickles, Asian veggies, soy ketchup, and wasabi aioli

My friend, Lillian Tram, was holding a one-year anniversary celebration for her blog, My Pig Me Up, at the Atlanta Food Truck Park. There was a live DJ, games, and a photo booth! T-shirts are still on sale for $20.

I went to the Rouxd truck because a friend mentioned the sandwiches were ginormous. A good value, hehe. I opted for the shrimp po boy while my friend got the pork belly version. We had to wait a while in line before placing our orders because one of the fryers was on the fritz. O_o That was slightly frustrating.

It was okay once we got the food though. I was SO hungry that I didn't put any condiments on my sandwich. I literally headed straight to a table to eat. I thought both sandwiches were good. Perhaps my hunger clouded my judgment? I'll have to try it again when I'm moderately hungry instead of starving to give an adequate review. :oP

The night was quite the success for L. Tram! Over 300 people showed up to support her. It was a pretty great event!

Lakewood Amphitheatre

Pat Benatar
Journey concert!!!!

Surprisingly, my first visit to Lakewood. O_o Shame on me!

Loverboy - Hit song? "Working for the Weekend."

Pat Benatar - She has several hits, including "Love Is a Battlefield."

The main act: Journey (minus Steve Perry). Come on... I know you've heard of them. 
Don't Stop Believin' - with Steve Perry

Concert of firsts: first time at Lakewood and first time seeing Loverboy, Pat Benatar, and Journey. It's been a long time since I've been to a live concert! Great weather, great crowd. So much fun!

FYI: There's free, unpaved parking on-site at Lakewood. You have to bypass the guys with $10-$15 parking signs when you exit from the highway. :o)