Monday, September 17, 2012


Grilled tilapia taco and steak taco

Zapata is an authentic Mexican restaurant located in historic Norcross. The chips were pretty good but the salsa reminded me of tomato sauce - too saucy.

As is my tradition with Mexican restaurants, I ordered the fish taco. I went ahead and ordered the arrechera taco, too. I was surprised at how different these tacos appeared compared to other places! Normally, there's a small bed of lettuce and tomato in the taco plus sauce (and maybe peppers) but these came out pretty plain! Even the soft taco shells were different. O_o I admit I don't have much experience with "authentic" Mexican fare, so I can't determine what's authentic and what's not.

With that said, I was disappointed in the fish taco. It's certainly not what I'm used to receiving and was also on the higher end of the taco price point ($3.50). There just wasn't much flavor to it, in my opinion. I liked the steak taco better due to the sauce that the meat was cooked in. Both tacos came on one plate with a side of chopped onion, cilantro, and a green sauce. I didn't ask what the sauce was made of though. After trying each taco plain, I added the green sauce to both to finish off the meal.

We shared an order of flan, which was amazing! I really liked the caramel sauce - nice touch.

This place was interesting... Is it bad that I would prefer an inauthentic taco experience over an authentic one? I guess I am too used to having more taco for less dollar. :o\ I'm glad I tried this place though!

Afterwards, we walked to 45 South Cafe to grab some coffee and chit chat. I have been frequenting Starbucks for far too long because I was shocked at the limited selection, haha. I believe I got a mocha with skim milk. :o) The interior was pretty eclectic, but the store closes early on Sundays. Fortunately, there's outdoor seating so we chatted the afternoon away. It was a great day and a good experience overall. :o)

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