Monday, September 17, 2012

Sweet Auburn Curb Market

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie

Red velvet whoopie pie

I'd heard of Sweet Auburn Curb Market for the longest time but I confess I never made it a point to figure out where it was located. O_o Thankfully, my friends from the We Suki Suki adventure decided to show me around. I'm glad there are still new places to discover in my home city. 

There were a few butchers and produce stands and plenty of restaurants, too. I was surprised at how -clean- this place was! The floor was pretty spotless. I'm used to seeing farmer's markets in disarray, haha. Well, we can't park for free so we opted to get post-banh mi desserts at the bakery. The peanut butter chocolate chip cookie was on the dry (not moist) side, which was a bit disappointing. The whoopie pie, however, was super moist and awesome. :o) I can never resist red velvet. There was also a temping ice cream/gelato place inside. *drool* This market is on the small side but it's pretty effective for the area it's in, I think, as long as you go there for a reason. Another plus is that there's free wi-fi! :oD I'm addicted to it, can't help it.

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