Monday, September 17, 2012

Octane Coffee


<3 Caramellato ...

... Er, why is it in a glass cup instead of a coffee mug? O_o Oh, Octane. Is this you trying to be hip?

Restrooms are at the end of the hallway.

Octane Coffee, I like your aesthetic. This whole industrial look you have is quite fetching. :o) And the Grant Park location has ample lighting, too. Nice! My friend insists the caramelatto is the BEST, so she offered to cover my cup. In exchange, I helped her remember that coffee places carry skim milk, haha. It was indeed quite good and very sweet to boot. I <3 sweet! I guess the drink wasn't made so hot that you'd burn your fingers on the glass cup but still. Part of me wonders why they chose glass... to fit in with the ambiance? To cut down on space? (Coffee mug handles can be troublesome at times.) To carry that industrial aesthetic all the way through? -____-" I should have asked! *shakes fist*

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