Monday, September 17, 2012

Mojitos Bistro

Cuban sandwich - Marinated roast pork slices, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles 
and mustard. Toasted on our sandwich press and served on
authentic Cuban bread.

Mojitos Bistro is located in historic Norcross. (Sound familiar?) I ordered the Cuban sandwich because, well, I was in a sandwich mood. :oP The sandwich tasted better as I got to the parts of it that had the mustard and pickles. The Caesar salad was fine - it's hard to make a salad wrong. Womp womp! The meal is definitely a good value, and the ambiance is nice. Haha, and this place has free, password-protected wi-fi, too. Ahhh... I'm always going to amuse myself with this free wi-fi obsession. :oD There are still more restaurants to check out in this area - I look forward to trying new places!

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