Saturday, September 22, 2012

Huy's Sandwiches

#1 - Combination Banh Mi Sandwich

I thought I knew all of the banh mi places in the Atlanta area until a friend of mine told me about Huy's. The restaurant itself does not have a website but you can check out reviews on Urbanspoon or Yelp.

I ordered my usual combination banh mi; they have 15 other varieties for you to choose from, which is amazing because the most options I've seen total fewer than 10. I don't know whether they have a 'buy 5, get the 6th one free' deal but I can always call and ask. The price is definitely right here as the majority of sandwiches cost around $2.50. SCORE! They serve other food items as well as bubble tea for $3.75 (one size only).

I tried a few sips of my friend's durian-flavored tea, and I was glad I didn't order my own cup! I had always known about durian and its pungent aroma, but I had never tried it in any form. I fall in with the majority of people who don't like it, haha.

The sandwich was really good. I noticed that the bread has either been plucked of its fluffy insides or baked that way. Either way, less bread means more filling! ;oD This differentiates Huy's from other banh mi places. Other places simply cut open the bread and add filling, so there's always more bread in the bread-to-filling ratio. Huy's sandwich has more meat to it, literally. I can definitely see myself coming back! 

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