Monday, September 17, 2012


Merguez Haute Dog - House-stuffed lamb sausage, currants, minted cucumber, Labne yogurt

Waffle Fry Poutine - Waffle fries, braised pork, fontina, onion gravy

Snickerdoodle Bread Pudding

I had heard about Richard Blais' HD1 for a while but didn't want to go because I was sure there would be tons of people inside, particularly in the first few months of opening. I caught up with a couple of friends here on a Friday night. We didn't have trouble getting a table, though it did get busier as the night wore on. I like that there are options to sit on stools and options to sit in chairs/benches.

I ordered the Merguez Haute Dog, which was absolutely wonderful. I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture but the dog did not come out on a traditional hot dog bun. Rather, it sat in a slice of French toast shaped to hold the hot dog and its fillings. This was a messy treat to eat but SO delicious! Hopefully, this stays on the menu for a while. ;o) We shared an order of poutine which seemed a bit heavy-handed on the gravy, but was also scrumptious. It definitely has a different flavor profile from the one I had in Boston. (What I should do is try the REAL thing in Canada!)

One of us had ordered HD Waffle Fries (with maple-oy sauce on the side; not pictured), and the sauce was spicy/sweet to eat. I almost think sriracha was used. It was good but it's hard for me to wrap my brain around a sweet sauce (even spicy/sweet) for fries, and the flavor was so light compared to the poutine. It was basically an unfair fight. :oP

This bread pudding isn't listed on the website's menu, so I hope you can find it when you check out HD1 yourself. I don't know how often menu items are changed out but the "good" ones (i.e., popular ones) tend to stay on the menu longer. Anyway, this was delicious! It doesn't look like much in the picture but when you've  already eaten a hot dog and fries, this dessert kind of pushes you over the edge into muffin top territory. :oD

The only complaint I have about HD1 is that the music is unnecessarily LOUD. Yelling throughout a conversation is not appealing to me. Plus, the lights were dimmed. -____-" Now I am yelling at a shadow! Okay, they weren't dimmed that much but still. Note: The restroom is hard to find in the dark as there's little signage to indicate where it is. Once you've entered through the front door, go to the left and you'll find them. Also, parking is a bit of an issue. There are few spots directly in front of the restaurant (located behind Urban Outfitters) but there is additional parking across the street. I'm glad I finally checked out this place!

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