Tuesday, September 18, 2012

B.J. Reece Apple Orchards

Tom the Turkey 

Wagon ride

BBQ sandwich

My first time apple-picking!

The halfoffdepot deal we had covered a 1/4 peck bag (5-6 apples) for you to use when you went into the apple orchard, one turn at the apple cannon (shooting 10 apples), entry into a small petting zoo (goats, turkey, chickens, pigs, cows), and a wagon ride (in an orchard across the street; we circled the orchard's perimeter). I think it's easier just to buy the pre-picked, pre-packaged apples from the store they have on sight! (Granny Smiths were available for picking but not available for sale in the store. They're not quite ready yet. I had to purchase another apple variety instead - stayman winesap - because I want to bake something, darn it!) It was nice to have the experience though. :o)

1/2 peck = $6
1 peck = $10
1 bushel = $15? I think that's right... Ridiculously affordable! :oD

We got there pretty early, around 9:15 am to 9:30 am. I had two sets of directions - one from Google Maps and the other using my GPS. I used the Google Maps from home until I hit Georgia 52 West, then I followed the GPS. Highway 52 is a circle, so I ended up taking the long way around to the orchard. -____-" You should just take 52 East, if you decide to go to that orchard. (Upon hearing about my trip, a friend made a comment about better orchards. More on those later.) The drive itself was pretty straight-forward. There were hardly any other people there at that time - score! It started getting crowded around 11 am or so though. There was a make-shift food stand just outside the store, so we opted to eat there for lunch before we left.

The other two orchards are Mercier and Jaemor. I'm curious to see what these two are like, especially compared to B.J. Reece. I can safely say both of their websites are significantly better in quality! Maybe I will round up another group of friends to try one of those places in October! :o) I don't know if I'd go apple-picking again per se but I could stockpile apples, hehe. It's a good place to go and not that bad of a drive - an hour and a half from where I live in. :o) Of course, I could always frequent any of the farmer's markets in the metro area as well... We shall see!

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