Monday, August 6, 2012

Talay Thai

I met up with a few friends here and had the hardest time finding this place! My GPS device couldn't find the specific address, so I ended up having to input the nearest intersection thanks to my friends who are familiar with the area. O_o That was a long evening!

I had the potstickers and the lad na noodle dish with pork. I also had some coconut soup (not pictured). The potstickers were pretty tasty - they're more fried than what I'm used to but still delicious. And, looking back, I should have ordered a "drier", less saucy noodle dish. I thought I liked saucy noodles but I prefer dry noodles most of the time. Still, these noodles were also good. The noodles themselves are flat and wide, and I love those kinds of noodles! Service was very quick and the restaurant was quite clean.

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