Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Corner Bakery

Sandwich and Salad Combination

Chicken Pesto on Ciabatta Ficelle - All-natural roasted chicken, arugula, and tomatoes with our sweet and spicy house vinaigrette and pesto mayo

My dad had been curious about Corner Bakery ever since it opened. I had been to the Lenox Mall location some time ago, so I knew it was a Panera or Atlanta Bread Company-type restaurant. We went during a weekend lunch hour.

First off, when you enter the front doors, you're guided towards the registers by two walls. Weird! This can create an instant bottleneck. -____-"" The design layout maximizes the number of seats/booths but the seating itself is pretty small - petite people welcome!

I ordered a sandwich and salad combination and was immediately disappointed with the serving size. It's much too small for the price you pay! To add insult to injury, the food wasn't even all that great. It was just okay. Haha, my dad liked the coffee though. I guess that's something. O_o We're definitely not going to go back. These high-falutin' suburbanites can have this place. Pfft.

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