Monday, August 6, 2012

Atlanta Food Truck Park

The Atlanta Food Truck Park has been up and running for a while now, and I'm ashamed to admit this was my first time eating there. O_o I've been busy, okay!? Fortunately, a couple of friend suggested this for lunch.

There were few trucks that day. I got North Atlantic Cod tacos from Mobile Marlay, a Decatur restaurant. $7 for two tacos can be standard pricing for some places but this was too much money for what I got. I saw that they cooked the food to order, so I had to wait a while for my tacos which was fine. But one taco for $3.50 when the fish is North Atlantic Cod and the flavor is lacking is not a good deal in my opinion. I think after all of the fish tacos that I've eaten, I'm going to stick with tilapia as the choice fish. For whatever reason, IT JUST WORKS. I didn't notice any cole slaw in the tacos, only lettuce and tomato. The avocado lime sauce was kind of weak. The fish definitely lacked salt - they were lackluster tacos to me. :o\ I wish Yumbii had been there!

My friends ordered from Mighty Meatballs, which looks like the better choice in terms of taste in hindsight. I'm still skeptical about the pricing though. Anything "banh mi" shouldn't be more than $2.50 or $3 in my opinion. Buford Highway taught me that!

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