Sunday, July 8, 2012

Holy Taco

Ecuadorian salsa - puree of san marzano tomato, serrano chile, scallions

Thick tortilla chips!

Left to right: 
Swordfish taco - Fried swordfish, mexican slaw, chipotle aioli (online menu lists tilapia)
Young goat taco - White oak farms young goat, sweet onion, guindilla peppers, mustard salad
Beef tongue - Roasted beef tongue, tomato cucumber salsa, ashland farms cilantro

Swordfish taco

Beef tongue taco

Young goat taco

Streetstall-style roasted organiz corn on the cob, spiced mayo, questo fresco

A friend of mine told me about Holy Taco a while ago, and I finally made it there! And OH MY G.... It was SO GOOD!!!!

After having the worst chips and salsa evah, I'm glad I tried the Ecuadorian salsa. The thick, greasy tortilla chips were not healthy but they tasted so freaking awesome. The salsa had a nice citrus kick of flavor to it, too. Best tortilla chips I've had in a long time.

Beef tongue! For me, a literal picture of a cow's tongue comes to mind. Fortunately, that was not the case when the taco arrived, haha. I would have tried it regardless, I think. ;o) As long as it's cooked right, right? Looking back on it, I think this one was my favorite of the three. The tomato cucumber salsa helped in that regard. It was a bit liquid-y, so you had to eat it kind of quickly. I was afraid it would soak through the soft taco shell and make the whole thing mushy. I can't remember the exact flavor of the beef tongue itself (so hungry --> scarfing down food), but the meat was extremely tender.

I already knew I was going to get the fish taco - that's the one dish I always have to try wherever it's offered. I've had mostly tilapia (yums) and salmon (not-so-yums), so swordfish peaked my curiosity. The texture was similar to fried tilapia to me. I could not distinguish any flavor from it though; the majority of that taco's flavor came from the Mexican slaw. I was slightly disappointed. Then again, I did have the Beef Tongue taco before that one. :o\

Goat! It sounded interesting, so I had to try it. The meat was also pretty tender and the flavor was a strangely sweet one, almost barbecue-like. I didn't take to this one as fast as the beef tongue or swordfish but I liked it nonetheless. I would have all three tacos again.

My friend ordered a side corn on the cob. They look like baby corns! There were a few that came out on a plate, and I waited until I finished my tacos to eat one. I'm sure it tastes significantly better while it's hot/warm. Nonetheless, the cheese on top is a yummy touch. :o)

For those who are wi-fi fanatics, Holy Taco has free, password-protected wifi (password is: eattacos). The service was so-so. Our waiter had a soft voice amid a semi-crowded restaurant (indoors) and I'm ever so slightly hard of hearing, so I had to strain to hear him from time to time. Otherwise, I think I ignored him. O__O The fact that I sat at the table for 15 minutes not ordering anything while waiting on my friends probably didn't help matters. Oh well.

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