Saturday, June 9, 2012

Seoul - Day 5

We took it a bit easy yesterday. We arrived in Incheon, the closest "big" city to the airport, around lunchtime. We walked through Wolmi Park and found an amusement park at the end. It's close to the water, so there was a nice breeze. We ate a mostly raw seafood lunch - that was interesting! There were two dishes with the seafood still moving. O_O So bizarre... but I tried them anyway. I'm too accustomed to having raw seafood Japanese-style though! I think I'll stick with that in the future.

After lunch, we walked to a tourist information center to figure out where that "new and modern" part of the city was that Dad had mentioned. -____-" We found it, Songdo, but first we spent a while walking to the closest subway station, hoping to find a taxi. Apparently, the path we walked is not on the bus line and few taxis drove through it. We got lucky and a taxi driver who had seen us while driving other people around had come back to pick us up. Ha, we shared the taxi with a dad and his young son who was also walking the same path. The taxi driver said that that path was 3km long. ((O_O)) Thank goodness he came back to pick us up!! 

Before we hopped onto the subway, we checked out the Incheon Chinatown, which is literally across the street from the station. It was very hilly and a lot of vendors were out, selling people food and wares as they passed. A friend's relative owns a restaurant there but we couldn't find it. :o/ We walked up a bunch of stairs and saw a great view of the city, with several cargo ships on the water.

Okay, THEN we went to the subway station to get to the "new and modern" part of the city, Songdo. It took us an hour to get there, and we were pretty much the only ones who got off at that stop (the last one on that line). We were concerned but pressed on. We got out of the station and saw... a lot of undeveloped land. There were a handful of skyscrapers, some of them still in development, but very little city life to speak of. There were some people there but they were tourists, not residents. --_______--""""""" Yeah, .... it gets better. We walked to a coffee shop to get a taxi to the airport because there's an express train from the airport back to Seoul. Well, the cab fare was ridiculous - my sister was upset. So, to justify spending the cab fare, we stayed at the airport, checked out the ice skating rink on the ground level (no one was skating), and watched Men In Black 3 in 3D. Yep... we watched a movie in the Incheon Airport. *shakes head* It was a long, rather unproductive day.

We ate at the restaurant on the right. 

The soup was good for cleaning the palate. 

 Live music

The cab driver who saved us from a 3 km walk.

Taiwan flag - random! 

Last stop to Songdo City - This should have been the sign to turn around! 

Directory at Incheon Airport

 Ice skating rink!

Movie theater

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