Thursday, June 7, 2012

Seoul - Day 2

We went to Hangang River Park. The weather was gorgeous! There's a paved path along the river, so we wanted to rent bikes to ride around for a bit. Unfortunately, today's a public holiday so the bike rental place was closed. We walked for a little bit and saw other bikers and walkers. This place was pretty neat - it's located underneath an overpass and has public gym equipment and a children's playground. It reminded me of my time in Cairns (Northeast Australia). Never would you see an outdoor gym in the States, right?

We also went to Gangnam (aka Kangnam) area where the CoexMall is located; the mall has an aquarium inside, aptly named Coex Aquarium. The fun part about the aquarium was that some of the "fish tanks" were in the form of regular objects like a phone booth. You'll have to see pictures to understand what I mean. It was super creative and a lot of kids were there to enjoy it! 

We then went to another part of town (can't remember the area - maybe it's the same, actually) to shop a little and have dinner. We had this chicken dish that, according to my sister, is REALLY good. She asked to make the dish less spicy for us but it was still spicy to me! Red chili pepper seeds!! O_O It was delicious but we couldn't finish it. My mouth was BURNING.

After that, we walked around the area for a bit. The main street looks pretty at night with lots of storefront lights, huge LCD TV advertisements, and techy information columns. It has a modern look to it. I went back to the hostel and I met a person from Indiana - haha, not much to do or see there, I guess!

Bongchu Jjimdak - Seasoned and simmered chicken

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