Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Seoul - Day 1

I arrived in Seoul around 2:45pm, earlier than expected. The flight was AMAZING - I spent half of it watching movies and the other half eating. O_O My friend at Delta hooked me up with a fantastic seat assignment. Though the seat reclines to lie flat, I barely slept on the plane. The food was excellent. The Incheon Airport reminded me of Taiwan's Taoyuan! Following my sister's directions, I made it to Ewha Womans University fine on my own. Her class let out early, so she happened to meet me as soon as I got off the bus. Good timing!  I'm so glad I have been to Taiwan as an adult because it's made me familiar with some of the cultural differences between Asian countries and the US. I love that there are Family Marts and 7-11s here - it's very comforting. 

After meeting her roommate and resting at her dorm for a bit, my sister and I headed out to InsadongCheonggyecheonGwangjang Market, and Namsan Tower. So... I'm not exactly great on the details right now but we definitely ate at Gwangjang Market - bean sprout pancake, among other food items. My sister told me the people here don't eat many fruits and veggies because the land is not conducive to growing them, so importing makes them expensive to buy. >.< Great.

Namsan Tower is a huge tourist attraction. We walked up a hill for a while, trying to find the cable car that runs up to the tower. Haha, we had to stop a couple of times so my sister could ask where to go because there were no signs indicating where it was! O_o We could have taken the stairs up to the tower but why? We had been walking all day anyway. ;oP When I first arrived, the weather was really hot and humid (yuck) but by nighttime, the weather had cooled considerably and there was a nice breeze from time to time. The people here are into keeping up with appearances; a lot of women wear low/high heels and make-up while walking around the city. People are pretty rude - they bump or brush past you without saying a word. Hmm... now that I think about it, it kind of reminds me of New York

We ended up wandering around some more while trying to find the hostel I booked. O_O It had already been a long day, and my sister's not that familiar with streets/roads here so that was an interesting experience. The directions on the hostel's website were somewhat off (in our opinion), but we managed to find it eventually. So far, I've met one person from the Netherlands and four people from Singapore  - all are around college age. This just reminds me of how far removed I am from my undergraduate days. They all seem like nice people, and there's free make-it-yourself breakfast, which is nice. Eggs and toast!

My sister has the whole day off tomorrow, yay! She has class the next few days, so we're going to figure out what I can do or see while she's in class. It looks like I will be visiting a couple of museums, which are easy enough to find. We're thinking of doing a day trip to Busan this coming Saturday.

View of Ewha Women's University 



Gwangjang Market 

Bean sprout pancake 

Namsan Tower (aka N Seoul Tower) 

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