Sunday, June 17, 2012

Desta Ethiopian

Meat Lovers entree with lamb, ribeye, and filet mignon

Collard greens (L) and cabbage

Sorry for the blurriness!
Spicy split red lentil soup (L) and chickpea stew




This was my first time dining at Desta Ethiopian. At first I wasn't sure this was the correct restaurant because there's literally another Ethiopian restaurant 50 feet away. O_o I was only given the address, not the name, so I waited until another friend showed up to figure out which restaurant we were going to. Haha... looking back on it, I could have just called someone to confirm. >.>

Anyway! We were a small group which was perfect because the restaurant is rather small itself. We were seated pretty quickly and greeted within seconds by the waitress. I suppose we got lucky because a few tables had left before we came and, considering the size of the place, we could have waited a while. We decided to dine family-style, which was made easier with their entree selections. As long as there was meat involved, the plan was a go. :o) So, the three components of this entree are: meat; veggies; and injera. Man, there seemed to be a never-ending supply of injera! That stuff fills you up so quickly! >.<" Make sure you wash your hands before eating, hehe.

Everything tasted great. I'm pretty sure I liked the lamb best but the ribeye and filet mignon were good as well. I preferred the spicy red lentil soup that really had a kick to it - I knew I couldn't have a lot of it though, otherwise my stomach would revolt. Sadness. All the sides were pretty good as well. I know we all combined a meat and a side using a piece of injera and gobbled away. Dericious. But, like I said, the injera fills you up quickly.

Defying odds, a couple of people had room for dessert! (O_O) I took perhaps one bite of the tiramisu but I left the baklava alone. I couldn't handle any more food that night. Desta's menu is definitely good for small groups; we saw a few couples there, too. This is like a hole-in-the-wall spot that people seem to know. I'm surprised I haven't heard of it before! I'm glad a friend introduced me to this place though. I already knew about Queen of Sheba, so it's nice to have more Ethiopian options to try. :o)

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