Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cafe Intermezzo

Spinach-Cheese Dip - Spinach with Parmesan and cream cheeses, roasted red, cayenne, and black peppers, served with crackers and/or bread

Margaret's Hope Darjeeling tea

I met up with a couple of friends at Cafe Intermezzo for tea, and we ended up getting something to eat to boot. Haha, you can't deny hunger pains! My friend suggested the spinach-cheese dip, which was super yummy. Normally, I don't eat here because the food's a bit pricey but we were splitting the tab, so it was all right. ;oD The dip is sooo delicious and a bit rich. The three of us finished it easily, though I could have been persuaded to order another one. >.> It was getting late though, so I stuck with the tea. I'm afraid I can't describe the tea all that well - I was going to rely on the menu's description only to find that it isn't really described in the menu. O_o Oops. From what I remember, it did have a nice, light flavor to it. And it was definitely decaffeinated! The French press ultimately made three cups' worth, which was nice. Sometimes the press only supplies two cups' worth, for some reason. I've yet to discover why.

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