Sunday, June 24, 2012

Buckhead Chili Pepper Fest

Buckhead Chili Pepper Fest - a perfect opportunity to see and do something sorta new with my friends. :o) For future reference, you don't have to purchase the tickets in advance online. I ended up spending an extra $1.50 on the processing fee thinking that the pay-at-door price was going to be higher. Nope! The pay-at-door price was exactly the same as the one advertised online. >.> I was not amused.

We arrived around 6 or 7pm. It was so humid - I immediately wanted to know where the King of Pops guy was! They have delicious homemade popsicles and are a cash-only vendor. I got the blueberry lavender which was eh. There was hardly any flavor to it; I wish I had gotten one of the peach flavors instead. Oh well.

One of us picked up a slider (not pictured), ribs (pictured), chili (not pictured), and spicy drinks (pictured)! The food menus seemed a bit disappointing on the spicy factor but the drinks were definitely unique. I only had sips of the drinks but, man those lived up to the 'spicy' name!

Later that evening, there was a chili pepper eating contest and a speed-taco-eating contest. Two of us signed up for the taco-eating contest. We had a bit of time to kill until then, so we played cornhole! It was pretty difficult because the set we found was plastic, not wood, so the bean bags kept bouncing off the board. Er, now we know! =___=" We ended the still-humid evening at Yogurberry. PERFECT!

Blueberry lavender 

The ribs were okay. I tried a bite but it didn't seem to have much flavor to it. I'm not sure whether that was an off-day for me or whether the food was really just so-so!  

Chili eating contest 

Speed-taco-eating contest 

Left to right: Taro, Georgia Peach, and Strawberries 'n Cream
I always get taro, so that's that. If I had to rate the next two, I'd favor Strawberries over Ga Peach. :o)

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