Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mykonos Grill

I went to Mykonos Tavern instead of Mykonos Grill - oops. Please don't confuse the two because they are basically on opposite sides of town. -____-"" The Mykonos Grill used to be Johnny Rockets and is located near Barnes & Noble.

I met up with a friend at Mykonos Grill, which is his modern version of Cheers. ;o) At my friend's suggestion, I tried the Zeus dish. I was skeptical but the pasta was surprisingly tasty. There was plenty of chicken in it, though it was obviously pre-made, not fresh. There was a bit too much sauce for my liking - it felt light but heavy at the same time. I couldn't tell if real butter was used. :o\ I hesitate to say that it's overpriced but it did come with a salad. I normally order dressing on the side but I forgot in this case.

There was also dessert, which I don't normally have at lunch much less dinner. After the salad and the pasta, I couldn't finish the pudding by myself. O_O It was rice pudding with a sprinkle of cinnamon and whipped cream on top. It was sweet but not too sweet, which was nice.

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