Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last Resort Grill

Chuck's Carolina Crab Cakes - Rich crab tossed with roasted sweet peppers, rolled in sourdough crumbs, then sauteed to plump perfection, finished with a red pepper aioli and served with a wild green salad 

I went to Athens, GA, to see one of my younger sisters graduate from UGA. Craziness! They grow up so fast!

We grabbed lunch at a place called Last Resort Grill. Given the day's events, it was pretty busy. Fortunately, we didn't have to wait long for a table. ^_^ There were plenty of other soon-to-be graduates with their respective family members for my sister to bump into though.

I ordered the crab cakes because, well, it had been a while since I had crab cakes. -___-" Plus, it included a side salad and I'm eating more healthy foods these days. Trying to, anyway. The crab cakes were pretty good, and the service was pretty decent. I can't say that the cakes were enough to fill me up though - I had a few bites of my sister's pasta dish. We could have ordered dessert but I think that would have been too much. The price is reasonable for the amount of food you're given - I wish some Atlanta restaurants could operate the same way, haha. But that's not going to happen. We actually went to Starbucks sometime afterwards, so we sort of got "dessert" anyway. ;oP

I remember attending a friend's graduation ceremony (undergrad) at UGA many years ago, and it was off-campus in a large arena. Boy, it was crowded and it felt like the ceremony took forever! What didn't help matters was that I was starving about a third of the way through the ceremony, and nearly passed out when we did reach a restaurant. This graduation experience was a significant improvement, of course, and means much more considering it's a family affair.

The ceremony was great - it was held on campus at Sanford Stadium. There were thousands of undergrads sitting in the field. The ceremony itself lasted about two and a half to three hours, with the sun setting in the background during the first hour or so. Lovely! The commencement speaker was Governor Nathan Deal, of all people. I can say that his speech was, surprisingly, rather engaging. Pretty good compared to the student speaker before him who, for whatever reason, wanted to emphasize his speech by breathing and licking his lips every five words. -_____-"" I will never understand how people learn to speak in public in such a manner.

But I digress. I want to note that my sister graduated with a public relations degree with honors. What what!

The day was already gorgeous, and the evening weather was just right. The ceremony ended with fireworks, which lasted about two to three minutes. The display looked great with the evening sky as the background. Afterwards, she took a lot of pictures with her friends (of course) and we went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. You'll have to forgive me but I cannot remember the name of the restaurant.

There was a mix-up in our order but we ate the food anyway. Not that what we ate was bad, it was just not what we ordered. We had a good laugh about it. :o) I can't tell you how pride I am of her, and I'm so happy she's back in Atlanta. 

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