Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweet Hut

Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe sits in the old Ranch 99 shopping center with the blue roof. The blue roof is unmistakable driving down Buford Highway.

Anyway, this location used to be an eyeglass store (which is now located in the middle island of shops). It was recently converted into a bakery and cafe. The sign is quite catchy from the street. I went here for a family outing; a long-time friend of the family was in town, so we met up there to catch up.

It was my first time there. There weren't as many pastry selections as the bakery up the road, White Windmill, but that may have been due to our being there on a Sunday morning. The interior is similarly modern in its furnishings but with darker tones compared to WW. It's also a smaller locale, occupying a corner of the shopping center compared to WW's stand-alone store. Still, the pastries were fairly priced at around $1.40 apiece. On the plus side, Sweet Hut had more salty pastries available compared to WW. I chose a hot dog and cheese confection that nearly reminded me of a similar baked good I had in New York some years back. It was glorious. I'd love to go back and try more of the salty baked goods.

The drinks were competitively priced - you'll find roughly the same prices on the same drinks at other cafes. I had a hot coffee that morning. I like my coffee very weak, so I have to admit that I am no coffee connoisseur. The bakery has free, password-protected Wi-fi, which is nice. I found out a friend went there the following Tuesday evening, and he mentioned it was pretty busy. I'm curious to see what kind of crowd ends up occupying this cafe, especially compared to the few cafes up the road (White Windmill, Mozart Bakery, et al). There are more bakeries, I just don't know all of their names.

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