Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nick's Greek Food To Go, Oakland Cemetery


Souvlaki (pork) plate

Souvlaki (pork) plate

Chicken plate

Lamb plate

Lamb plate

Greek salad

Nick's Greek Food to Go has been on a list of mine for a number of years. I used my birthday as an excuse to try it with my siblings. We made a day of it by taking our order to nearby Oakland Cemetery; I knew they hadn't been there before, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to show them a unique part of Atlanta.

We ordered three plates (one per person): the lamb plate, the chicken plate, and the souvlaki (pork) plate. Each plate comes with French fries (souvlaki plate comes with potato wedges), Greek salad, and a roll. Pita bread is $1 extra, if you want it. Nick's does not sell drinks.

I would definitely order the lamb again; in fact, I would order the lamb and replace the fries with the wedges. That'd be the perfect meal. Lamb was great; pork was all right; and the chicken was dry. BLAH... I'll never order the chicken again. The French fries were nothing special, though I did appreciate the fact that they won't supermegasalty. Props to Nick's on that. The tzaziki sauce had a bit of oomph to it, a bit of texture that may have been onions. It was nice! The lamb and pork tasted great with it and without it. ^_^ The Greek salads were really hearty; the dressing was quite light in comparison, comprising of oil and vinegar.

I <3 spanakopita, so I ordered it on the side. Unfortunately, since it was near the end of business day for them, the spanakopita was not as great as it should have been. I'd order it again but during the day, when it hasn't had the chance to sit and age. Overall, Nick's is definitely one of those "bang for your buck" places. They accept only Visa and MasterCard, and they do not have formal seating (hence the "to go" part of the restaurant's name).

As for Oakland Cemetery, we walked a small portion of it. My sister is a huge Margaret Mitchell fan (ahem, Gone with the Wind), so we made a point to find that particular tombstone. The sun set while we were in the cemetery, which made for some lovely photo opps.

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