Friday, April 6, 2012

Haru Ichiban

Katsu Don - Pork rice bowl

I'd heard and seen of Haru Ichiban before but this was my first time eating there. A friend wanted to try out their ramen noodles, so I obliged. I did not, however, feel like having noodles that day - I was in a rice mood for some reason. I'm afraid you'll have to get the ramen scoop another time!

I wanted the crab cream croquettes but they were unavailable - extreme sadness. Do: I had to settle for Katsu Don - pork rice bowl. It comes with miso soup and salad with ginger dressing. The dish was heavy on the rice and onions and somewhat light on pork. :o\ Though the service was good, I still wish I had those crab croquettes instead. Still, eating the salad and soup made this entree last another meal. I'll have to go back another time for seafood.

As for the ramen noodles, my friend liked what he ordered - Tonkotsu ramen. He said the broth was wonderful and the noodles were just right. I believe he was comparing this ramen experience to one that he had while vacationing in Vancouver. Interesting! More reasons to return.

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