Friday, April 6, 2012

Co'm Grill

Complimentary Vietnamese iced coffee!

I think these are pork spring rolls but I'm not certain. :o\ My friend ordered it, and I didn't pay attention to the particular type of roll. I'm always sold on spring rolls! That's fish sauce to the right (they call it vinegar fish sauce).

This is the third dish listed under Com Entrees. Special fragrant rice served with our famous shredded pork, shrimp cake, fried egg, and [insert choice of meat here] - I chose the pork chop.

I met up with a friend at Co'm Grill; it was my first time there. I didn't realize that Lee's Bakery was in the same plaza! O_o I've been schooled.

My friend and I met here for lunch on a Saturday. The place was relatively empty, and the service was nice if not overbearing at times. I appreciated the iced coffee (you could tea instead, if you wanted)! My friend frequents the restaurant a lot and mentioned that the discounts and service have gotten better over time. Hmm... this is a red flag to me for a couple of reasons: one, that implies that the service has been bad at some point in the past, so the owners are trying to make up for it; and two, discounts are always a good draw to get customers in (Hello, Scoutmob!) but frequent discounts and give-aways are signs of desperation - these guys REALLY need the business. I'm fairly sure the location doesn't help matters - like I said, it's located in the same plaza as Lee's Bakery but whereas Lee's can be seen from the street, Co'm Grill is situated in a 'dark' corner.

That being said, I liked what I had there. Prices are pretty standard for Vietnamese fare, and the Co'm entree was certainly enough for two meals, maybe three. I was definitely happy choosing the pork chop over the other meat selections. The dish reminded me of Korean bibimbap, haha, minus the stone pot. I would come here again. 

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