Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Garlic bread

Fried calamari

Fried Mozzarella

Padrino (Godfather) - Three different medallions of veal: Francese, Marsala, Parmigian
[It's actually pictured L to R as Marsala, Francese, and Parmigian!]

Veal Marsala

Veal Francese

Veal Parmigian

Side of broccoli

Complimentary birthday desserts - two types of custards, cheesecake, and a cannoli

Alfredo's is another restaurant (like Nick's) that has been on a list of mine for a few years. This was a girls' night out for my birthday - yes, the birthday celebrations spanned a few days, haha. [Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, in fact.]

The fried mozzarella - not the stick version - was definitely yummy. The marinara sauce with melted cheese on top was extra awesome. I don't normally eat fried cheese but damn, this was tasty! The fried calamari was also good; the marinara sauce was a little on the soupy side for me. I could have sworn that marinara sauce on one dish was soupy but marinara sauce on another dish was thick. That makes absolutely NO SENSE, I know. It's just me. ;oP

I ordered veal because, well, how often do you eat veal? Since it was my first time there, the waiter recommended the Godfather, which offered three different veal versions. Of the three versions, I liked two of them: the Parmigian and the Francese. The Marsala tasted really salty to me, and had a tangy, almost sour taste to it. I don't know why but that's what I tasted; this was especially in contrast to the other two versions. The sauteed broccoli was nice - lots of garlic, yum!

The free birthday dessert - two types of custards, cheesecake, and cannoli - was definitely a surprise. The waiters snuck up behind me and sang 'Happy Birthday,' even though one of my friends had specifically told them not to. Thanks, friend, you tried! I don't prefer to be in the spotlight like that... good thing it was kind of dark inside! ^_^

The restaurant has a very intimate setting. Parking can be an issue if you get there too late though. Older clientele - I suppose these people have been coming here for years. Service was excellent. My group was given a round table, which was perfect. I was glad I could see everyone's faces. This is not one of those "bang for your buck" restaurants but I would definitely come here again. I'm dying to try a pasta dish next time.

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