Saturday, March 17, 2012


Vallarta is a family favorite. The parents like it because of the never-ending margaritas they can get in the evenings. ^_^ Rightly, they do not dine there alone.

I had told a friend of mine who works nearby about this hole-in-the-wall Mexican place a few months ago. The occasion never came up for us to dine together (I work in another part of town), but it so happened that I was free during a weekday to take her there. We met there around noon, which was good timing because the restaurant started filling up (lunch rush) around 12:30pm or so.

When you sit down, you're immediately offered chips, salsa, and chicken soup. These are freebies. I used to like the salsa there because it was on the chunky side and mild but it's now a little watery with a bit of a kick.  That could have just been our luck though. *shrugs* I'm not a big fan of the chicken soup mostly because if I eat it, then I can't finish my entree. ^_^" Still, you can see how oily it is, so it's probably best not to have it anyway. There's more soup (broth base) than chicken anyway; there are rice and scallions thrown in for good measure.

I didn't take a picture of the lunch menu (my bad), but I can tell from the pictures that I ordered a tamale and chili relleno with rice and refried beans. I tried to stay away from the refried beans because, quite frankly, they give me gas. The tamale was easy enough to chow down on - I believe it used a different leaf compared to Bone Garden Cantina. I always enjoy coming here because the food is good, cheap, and fast. You could easily take a one-hour lunch and still have time to chit chat and let your food digest. You're also offered a couple of fried "chips" with whipped cream as a "dessert" item (also a freebie). These don't satisfy my sweet tooth, but you may like them.

They take all debit cards but only certain credit cards (no AmEx) and obviously cash. On the way out, you'll be given a loyalty "punch" card to encourage repeat visits (lunch only). If I worked close by, I would definitely visit more often. 

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