Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hi, folks! Apologies for the posting hiatus. I had a death in the family around mid- to late February, so naturally I had more important things to tend to. My grandma is in a much better place now. I'm thankful I was able to attend her funeral overseas. Now, I must play a game of catch-up to get up to speed on my eating adventures, including what I ate while I was overseas. 

Atlanta Smashburger [Peach BBQ sauce, Wicked Pimina cheese, grilled jalapenos, and Vidalia cole slaw on an egg bun] with a side wedge salad [Tomatoes, onion, bacon, blue cheese with vinaigrette dressing - ahem, minus onion]

I met up with a friend for lunch at Smashburger. I have seen one or two around town and curious as to how it compares to those other "boutique" burger places.

I opted for the Atlanta Smashburger simply because I wondered how that combination tasted. It was delicious! The burger was quite messy (sometimes I prefer it that way), so I was unable to get a half-eaten shot. I'm glad I paired it with the wedge salad because I have been missing veggies from my diet. There are some days when I'm really good about veggie intake and some days when you just crave all the bad things you shouldn't have. -____-""" My friend got an order of fries for us to share (no pic, sorry!) and they were okay but quite oily. I don't blot fried foods into napkins because I like to remain ignorant about the amount of oil used. Then again, I don't normally eat fried foods so I ought to get a pass whenever I do, right? >.>


The burger plus the salad were filling. I did have some fries, so I ate all of the lettuce but not all of the "fixings" on the salad. There was too much blue cheese for my liking. I would definitely recommend the Atlanta. This location was pretty clean and fortunately, we beat the lunch rush so there were tables available for us to sit. 

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