Tuesday, March 27, 2012




Pan seared scallops with sweet corn risotto

I hadn't been to Shout in a while so when my boss offered to pay for lunch for the department, I knew I had to order from there. :oD As you can see, I took the dish to-go. Fortunately but unfortunately, there was a "glitch" in the system and mine and my co-worker's orders weren't there. Unfortunately, I had to wait a bit longer to get our take-out. Fortunately, the restaurant comped one meal, so I had less to pay out of pocket. None of it mattered, however, because my boss reimbursed me for the meals anyway. So... it was a win-win for me and my boss, but not so much a win for the restaurant since they had to give away a meal for free. Oh well.

I was craving seafood (as I normally do when I eat out), so the pan seared scallops leapt off the menu immediately. I'm so glad I ordered it! It was delicious - some of the risotto was slightly under-cooked (a little crunchy) but it wasn't too noticeable with the corn kernels in there. And the sweetness does not overpower the risotto. The scallops were cooked pretty well. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not sure what the sauce is - there was no description of it in the menu - but it tasted great with the scallops. MmmMMm....

Oh, I should also mention that Shout has an all-you-can-eat $10 sushi lunch special. I've been meaning to go there for lunch one day; I'll post about it whenever I do!

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