Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Manuel's Tavern

View from parking lot

Back doors

Applewood Bacon, Portobello mushroom, and cheddar omelet with grits and a biscuit

Same omelet with home fries and a biscuit

My friend and I have been wanting to go to Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles for at least a year (maybe two) now. [I'll get to Manuel's in a minute!] All this time living in Atlanta, and I've yet to step foot inside this famed establishment. >.> It's a smear on my food-loving name, I say. An egregious oversight! Not too long ago, there was a Scoutmob for Gladys Knight's, which I grabbed as soon as possible. [I do not own a smartphone, so I opt for the emails - do not judge!] ;oP About a month had passed before we decided on a Doomsday date with Gladys. It was going to be spectacular, glorious even. We were going to show up when they opened the doors, ready to chew on chicken and waft in waffle. 

Sunday morning came. We set out from different sides of town to converge on Gladys Knight, hungry with .. uh, hunger. ;oP We parked in the teeny, tiny, free parking lot in the back. I quite judiciously parked trunk to curb so I could get out without trepidation. We both walked towards the front door ... to find a LINE! The place was already packed. *stomach dropped* My friend went inside to ask how long the wait would be: one hour. *despair sets in* I had purposely skipped breakfast in anticipation of this monumental moment, and now I was bereft. *shakes fist* GLADYS KNIGHT!

After shaking my fist and cursing the famed establishment, my friend offered up Manuel's Tavern as an alternative. It's relatively close by and, unlike Gladys, it won't have a line out the door. FINE - let's do it. I haven't been to Manuel's before anyway. *mutters GLADYS KNIGHT* 

We park in a nearby parking lot (for free!) and walk in to Manuel's from the back. Sure enough, there were plenty of seats available. YAY!... 'cause I'm starving. (O.O) The Applewood bacon omelet caught my eye because everything else on the menu looks like something you can get anywhere. Our order came pretty quickly - another plus - and I dove right in. The one surprise for me was that the bacon wasn't bacon-bit sized, it was cut into almost one-inch pieces and mixed in well with the egg. It was slightly limpy, which I thought worked for the omelet. I do wonder now whether having crunchy bacon would have given the omelet an interesting texture. Hmm. I liked the omelet. The grits were fine - I can't remember anything 'wow' about them but I do remember that I didn't have to add salt, which is a good sign. So, the grits were just right on the salt content for me. I may have added pepper... maybe. Biscuits are biscuits. Home fries are home fries. The price for the omelet was certainly right!

We found out after the fact that there was a Manuel's Scoutmob. Of course. -____-" Maybe I should be cursing Scoutmob instead.

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