Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blossom Tree

[Sorry for the fuzzy pics!] 

Blossom Tree is a Korean restaurant located in downtown Atlanta. I had never heard of it before, so my friends and I decided to try it for lunch. The restaurant's website is unavailable, so I've provided the Yelp site instead. The restaurant is on the small side, so you're out luck with respect to seating if it's crowded. Restrooms are available to customers only - they have a key to enforce it!

I ordered bibimbap with noodles (instead of the usual rice) and had a corn salad on the side. The teen staff were pretty nice and it's obvious they have to explain the menu A LOT. A friend of mine ordered the sweet potato fries as a side, and I can safely say I enjoyed both the corn salad and the fries immensely. The bibimbap with noodles turned out to be a bigger portion than I expected but had more noodles than "fixings." Still, it definitely filled me up! For me, the price was about adequate (cheap, even) for the location. I think my dish came around or under $10. You could easily split the bibimbap noodle into two meals, if you want.

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