Sunday, March 18, 2012

Atlanta Chef Expo

I heard about the Atlanta Chef Expo through a friend of mine. Then, I found a Groupon for admission. :oD AWESOME. There are a LOT of pictures in this post. Instead of doing a summary at the end, I'll make comments after each picture. I'll include name of the restaurants/businesses and, where applicable, contact info throughout the post, so pay close attention!

Warehouse-y location near King Plow Arts Center

We had dessert first. ^_^

Business: Heavenly Dolce

I think this was a peach pie type of baby muffin...

... with peach filling. Tasty but I'm sure I could make it myself.

Business: Amusing Treats

Shortbread cookies - Eh, they're cookies. Anyone can make cookies. :o\ Of course, I'm biased because I prefer to make desserts anyway.

Business: Couteaux's (no website)

This table had a version of shrimp and grits... 

... and something like jambalaya. Shrimp and grits > jambalaya

Delicious! The white sauce spread (horseradish?) made this super tasty.

The next table offered three different kinds of pizza.

Pizza was okay. The pineapple one was better than the one I got.

Salmon from a restaurant located in Marriott Buckhead - Super tender

Business: Glorious Events

Braised beef short rib - Pork was tender and flaky but something was amiss with the flavoring of the au jus.

BBQ pork slider with slaw - Details are fuzzy with respect to ingredients but this was yummy. :o)

Business: The Hungry Peach

Pork banh mi slider - Too much bread, not enough filling. Just didn't taste good. :o(

Business: The Barrelhouse

Compared to the other short rib we tried, the beef was hard to chew but it was fresh and the au jus was awesome. Wish the beef from the previous business had been combined with the au jus here.

The polenta was delicious - wish we had gotten a bigger serving, haha. :o)

Business: Legal Sea Foods

I really don't remember what we had here, haha. Obviously, it was seafood of some kind on top of what appears to be hash browns. I'm sure they're not called hash browns there though. ;oP Pretty tasty.

Clearly a shrimp concoction. I did like this dish. Sauce and shrimp were good - wish there had been rice or bread of some sort.

Sadly, I don't remember the details of this dish. :o( It was tasty though.

Pan seared miso scallop - Could have done without the bun. (We had had a lot of starches already by that point!) The scallop and seaweed were good.

Business: Sterling Spoon

Another one that I don't remember, but I liked them both!

Business: Le Cordon Bleu

Grilled salmon with white wine sauce - Ooooh, this was so fresh and so good! I especially liked the white wine sauce.

Middle section

Big portions! This hit the spot, for sure. I'm glad there are more gelato places in Atlanta!

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