Tuesday, March 27, 2012




Pan seared scallops with sweet corn risotto

I hadn't been to Shout in a while so when my boss offered to pay for lunch for the department, I knew I had to order from there. :oD As you can see, I took the dish to-go. Fortunately but unfortunately, there was a "glitch" in the system and mine and my co-worker's orders weren't there. Unfortunately, I had to wait a bit longer to get our take-out. Fortunately, the restaurant comped one meal, so I had less to pay out of pocket. None of it mattered, however, because my boss reimbursed me for the meals anyway. So... it was a win-win for me and my boss, but not so much a win for the restaurant since they had to give away a meal for free. Oh well.

I was craving seafood (as I normally do when I eat out), so the pan seared scallops leapt off the menu immediately. I'm so glad I ordered it! It was delicious - some of the risotto was slightly under-cooked (a little crunchy) but it wasn't too noticeable with the corn kernels in there. And the sweetness does not overpower the risotto. The scallops were cooked pretty well. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not sure what the sauce is - there was no description of it in the menu - but it tasted great with the scallops. MmmMMm....

Oh, I should also mention that Shout has an all-you-can-eat $10 sushi lunch special. I've been meaning to go there for lunch one day; I'll post about it whenever I do!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Artichoke & broccoli soup 

Asparagus and arugula salad

Friends and I went to CPK after Dialogue in the Dark. We couldn't take any pictures during Dialogue. The experience was really good though. I think the whole tour took about an hour and a half. You really have to lean on your other senses as well as other people in the group. 

I've been to California Pizza Kitchen before and I was glad to see that the small plates menu is still alive. I opted for a healthy soup and salad lunch. Both were green and great. I'm sorry I can't go into detail but it was a while ago, and my memory has only so much capacity. ;oP Note to self: write down thoughts! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cafe Intermezzo

Cafe Intermezzo, how I missed thee! I met up with some friends for a late night chat session. I opted to get something non-caffeinated, thus the Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai tea. Truthfully, the name of the tea peaked my curiosity. I had to give it a try!

The tea came in a French press, and I got about 2-2.5 cups out of it. I think I used to be able to get three solid cups in the past, so I'm not sure if water was skimped or there were lots of leaves in the press. *shrugs* Either way, the tea was pretty refreshing. The chocolate flavoring was subtle. I liked the tea - I'd try it again but there are way too many other teas to try!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Souper Jenny

Tomato, artichoke, and Parmesan soup
"California Love" sandwich - Ripe avocado, creamy goat cheese, sprouts, tomato, spinach on a French baguette
Chocolate cookie

My Dad's turkey chili
Grilled chicken salad with celery, carrots, herbs mixed & tomato in a pita

It's been a few years since I was last at Souper Jenny. It's located on the other side of East Andrews and has a bistro feel to it. This place is cash only - there's an ATM just inside the door, in case you forget - and seating is limited. There's indoor and outdoor seating available, which is perfect for the summer-like weather we're experiencing as of late. The soup bowls are on the eclectic side while the drink cups are plastic. A piece of bread is optional with your meal. The soup portions are pretty decent, depending on the size of the bowl you get (or ask for, you never know!). The sandwich portions are on the smaller side, but it's still a nice collection of menu items (soup, sandwich, bread, cookie, drink) for $12. You could do a lot more damage at a fast food joint!

Before you go to Souper Jenny, you need to check the hours of operation. They have limited daytime hours and no evening hours - can you tell that they cater to the business crowd? ;oP Anyway, I went here with a friend of mine, Aly, for lunch. [Aly shares a blog with a couple of friends; you can access the blog, No Time for Pie, here.] I believe it was her first time there. Generally, weekend lunches can get crowded pretty quickly but this time was all right. Customers preferred to sit indoors rather than outdoors that day. Most people I saw had just come from a morning run or yoga class. :o) What a nice reward!

The tomato artichoke soup was on the soupy side, not the stew-y side. The overall taste was good though I still prefer more 'oomph' on terms of vegetable content. I'm pretty sure the tomatoes were the canned variety. The sandwich was also good - I felt like eating "healthy" that day - and the combination of the vegetarian soup and sandwich was enough to fill me up. The cookie was chocolate - that's a no-brainer for me! It was still gooey on the inside - yum!

I would like to go back and try the chili. It's more substantial than the soup, so it's a better value for your dollar. I didn't have the opportunity to try the chicken salad... I think. Ok, I may have. I don't remember. >.<" Point is: if you haven't tried this place, you should. It's nice for meeting up with a small group of people, perhaps up to four. There's free parking available. The signage is GREAT. The food's good. The people behind the counter were pretty nice.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is a show on the CW that's essentially a nighttime soap opera on steroids, mixed with vampires, witches, and werewolves. O_O Yes, it's one of those TV shows that drew off of the success of the Twilight franchise. I have to say it's something of a guilty pleasure for me to watch it. For a while I refused to do so, but plot lines involving love triangles always get me! I can't help but watch to see what develops.

Anyway, the point of this post is to show that TVD (The Vampire Diaries) was filming in downtown Atlanta one weekday afternoon. There weren't any actors around, unfortunately. It appeared to be the crew working to set up scenes and camera angles and such. Still, it was nice to see something different happening in the downtown area. Normally, the show is filmed in Covington, GA.

EDIT: 4/13/2012
The episode titled "Murder of One" contains scenes from this shoot. It's about four minutes in, when two characters (brothers) are walking and talking in the streets. If you're familiar with Broad Street, you'll recognize some of the background scenery (restaurants) as well as the white-striped crosswalk.

Ali Baba's

Crab corn spinach chowder and vegetable samosa

I've been to Ali Baba's before, so I thought I would sample something else on the menu. The soup was more soupy than stewy, so it was just okay for me. You should know by now that I love stews more than soups! The samosa was pretty tasty - I need to learn how to make these myself! There's also a meat version, but I decided to stick to vegetarian items. Cheap, tasty, convenient.

Atlanta Chef Expo

I heard about the Atlanta Chef Expo through a friend of mine. Then, I found a Groupon for admission. :oD AWESOME. There are a LOT of pictures in this post. Instead of doing a summary at the end, I'll make comments after each picture. I'll include name of the restaurants/businesses and, where applicable, contact info throughout the post, so pay close attention!

Warehouse-y location near King Plow Arts Center

We had dessert first. ^_^

Business: Heavenly Dolce

I think this was a peach pie type of baby muffin...

... with peach filling. Tasty but I'm sure I could make it myself.

Business: Amusing Treats

Shortbread cookies - Eh, they're cookies. Anyone can make cookies. :o\ Of course, I'm biased because I prefer to make desserts anyway.

Business: Couteaux's (no website)

This table had a version of shrimp and grits... 

... and something like jambalaya. Shrimp and grits > jambalaya

Delicious! The white sauce spread (horseradish?) made this super tasty.

The next table offered three different kinds of pizza.

Pizza was okay. The pineapple one was better than the one I got.

Salmon from a restaurant located in Marriott Buckhead - Super tender

Business: Glorious Events

Braised beef short rib - Pork was tender and flaky but something was amiss with the flavoring of the au jus.

BBQ pork slider with slaw - Details are fuzzy with respect to ingredients but this was yummy. :o)

Business: The Hungry Peach

Pork banh mi slider - Too much bread, not enough filling. Just didn't taste good. :o(

Business: The Barrelhouse

Compared to the other short rib we tried, the beef was hard to chew but it was fresh and the au jus was awesome. Wish the beef from the previous business had been combined with the au jus here.

The polenta was delicious - wish we had gotten a bigger serving, haha. :o)

Business: Legal Sea Foods

I really don't remember what we had here, haha. Obviously, it was seafood of some kind on top of what appears to be hash browns. I'm sure they're not called hash browns there though. ;oP Pretty tasty.

Clearly a shrimp concoction. I did like this dish. Sauce and shrimp were good - wish there had been rice or bread of some sort.

Sadly, I don't remember the details of this dish. :o( It was tasty though.

Pan seared miso scallop - Could have done without the bun. (We had had a lot of starches already by that point!) The scallop and seaweed were good.

Business: Sterling Spoon

Another one that I don't remember, but I liked them both!

Business: Le Cordon Bleu

Grilled salmon with white wine sauce - Ooooh, this was so fresh and so good! I especially liked the white wine sauce.

Middle section

Big portions! This hit the spot, for sure. I'm glad there are more gelato places in Atlanta!