Monday, February 13, 2012


Takoyaki - octopus, scallion, flour, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise

California Eel Roll - BBQ eel, crab meat, cucumber, avocado

I've been to Shoya before, so I wanted to try different menu items this time. I know from past experience that one dish will not fill you up, so I knew I was going to order at least two dishes. They had to be "good" because the food's a bit pricey there, so I wanted to get the best bang for my buck.

The first dish is takoyaki, but I could have sworn it said "teppanyaki" in the menu. I assumed the same item in the physical menu would be in the online menu. O_o Of course, my memory could be playing tricks on me. Nevertheless, I should have taken a picture of the menu description like I normally do. Shame on me!

The takoyaki was downright delicious - I attribute that mostly to the BBQ sauce and mayonnaise on top. ^_^ Sinfully delightful. I convinced myself that all of the cabbage underneath the egg was offsetting the BBQ sauce and mayo. Haha... sure! Why not? The flaky topping is also edible. I had actually never seen "garnish" like that before but it's pretty harmless. It's relatively filling, too.

I always stay away from California rolls. They can be found on EVERY SINGLE sushi menu as well as in grocery stores. Why would I want something that's available everywhere? O_O So, I chose the California eel roll instead. I like eel (it's cooked, not raw) and I wanted something affordable given that I had already chosen one other dish. :o\ No complaints about the sushi!

In total, my bill was around $20. I went here for a friend's birthday dinner, but there are many other places you can try that are more affordable.

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  1. I totally agree with you--the food I've had here is eh, okay, but you can get just as delicious food for half the price elsewhere. That being said, they do offer things that other restaurants don't. I think it's part of the novelty of going to such a trendy place.