Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Horizon Theatre

This is the second time I've seen Avenue Q. The first time was a few years ago at the Cobb Energy Centre, where the seats were just okay. If you've ever been to the Horizon Theatre before,  you know that this is a small venue (aka "intimate"). My GPS device neglected to tell me the correct turn, so be sure to look for the "Horizon Theatre" sign when you're at the "Y" in the road. Once you turn into the theatre, drive past the building to access additional parking. Don't be fooled - the entrance is just past the little garden set-up back there, so don't go charging for the door closest to the street! I feel like the principal actors (Princeton and Kate Monster) were the same ones from a few years ago, but I'd have to dig up the old program to make sure and I honestly don't know where that old program could be. :oP

It was great having an up-close view of everything, particularly the actor's expressions. The vocals were pretty strong throughout the cast. This was a tight, well-run production. Almost everyone in the cast participated as band members, providing background music at various points in the production. I'm sure it was exhausting! I thought the actor portraying Rod (J.C. Long) was HILARIOUS! His facial expressions and mannerisms for Rod made the show for me. Surprisingly, he admitted this was the first time he had ever done a puppet musical. Kudos! I would have never guessed. [Note: He mentioned that he also performs at Shakespeare Tavern and will play the role of Clyde in the Aurora Theatre's production of Bonnie & Clyde in March 2012.] My friends and I had such a great time! :o)

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