Monday, February 13, 2012


Jerk chicken with cabbage and rice

BBQ chicken with green beans and squash


I went to Athens on a day trip recently to visit a friend, and he took me to a place called Kelly's for lunch. As evidenced by the picture, Kelly's serves Jamaican food. Oh boy... the food was dripping with oils but I didn't care. I was starving! 

I purposely ordered a different meal from my friend, so I could sample more food. ^_^ Always a smart strategy, in my opinion. I can safely say the BBQ chicken tastes better than the jerk chicken. The cabbage and the squash have a kick to them, which was nice because it was kind of cold that day. The rice was okay - the woman ladling the rice had also ladled jerk chicken sauce on top, so the rice was drenched. :o\ And, like I said, I preferred the BBQ chicken over the jerk chicken so I ate the rice but only because I was starving. -____-" The green beans were pretty tasty, too. The chicken fell off the bone so easily - Nom... The food is comparable to soul food, really. I had the small plate; my friend had the large plate. Believe me, the small plate was enough! Definitely a good value, too.

It's one of those meals where you wish you had worn sweatpants. Haha... :o)

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