Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tin Lizzy's

Chips, salsa, and queso

Top: Spicy tilapia taco - grilled tilapia, grilled onions and red peppers, lettuce, avocado, and spicy lime vinaigrette on a wheat tortilla
Bottom: Fried fish taco - fried tilapia, lettuce, pickled jalapenos, and poblano tartar sauce

Ahh, Tin Lizzy's. I had only tried their fish taco at the Taste of Atlanta a few years ago, which doesn't really count as an adequate sample of their food. ;oP I originally gathered these friends to try out Nick's Greek Food to Go... but alas, we could only meet up on Sunday, when Nick's is closed. So, we opted for Tin Lizzy's instead. There WILL be a Nick's post in the future!

The fish tacos did have a kick to them, but it wasn't a Three-Mile Island kind of kick. I was grateful! It was just the right amount, really. The tartar sauce was a nice touch in the fish taco; it makes sense to me to add tartar sauce to seafood. *shrugs* The onions and red peppers in the spicy tilapia were really flavorful. I'm glad I am including more onions in my diet. I love chips and salsa - they are my food kryptonite. I can't count the number of times I've made chips and salsa a dinner entree at home! Everything's pretty reasonably priced; the tacos are about $3 each, which is the norm. Two tacos plus chips and salsa and queso were quite enough to fill me up. I probably should have eaten fewer chips... but oh well! There is limited parking immediately in front of the restaurant but there is plenty of additional parking in the back. You just have to notice the sign for it. ;oP Unfortunately, there are only three locations and they are all inside the perimeter. Well, I suppose it's unfortunate for some anyway. The service at the Grant Park location was pretty good.

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