Monday, January 2, 2012

Stoney River

Horseradish encrusted grouper - Topped with bread crumbs and horseradish, served with au gratin potatoes and green beans

I can't remember whether I've been to Stoney River before... but I'm inclined to say that I haven't. ^_^" I know this is a steak place but I had eaten a prime rib recently and I can't handle eating so much meat in back-to-back outings. So, I opted to get fish. Haha, and I was the only one at the table to order a non-steak menu item. Oh well! The grouper was a little lackluster; it was tender and juicy but lacked flavor. I should have asked for a side of the horseradish sauce - I think that would have helped. The green beans were flavorless (notice no salt) but I ate them anyway to satisfy my quest to incorporate more greens into my diet. The au gratin potatoes were phenomenal; I'm glad I chose to replace the mashed potato side that normally comes with the grouper. Next time, I'll face the music and order a steak instead!

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