Monday, January 2, 2012

NYE Potluck Dinner


Ooh, it's fuzzy but I swear they're noodles!

H-Mart sushi tray

Dumplings - so Asian

Baked chicken

Nutella cupcakes and Thousand Layer cake

Daikon cake

Mish-mash of New Year's Eve potluck dishes. Haha, I'm afraid I didn't have time to make anything, so I brought a vegetable tray, hummus, and pita chips. :o( Major sad face! I always look forward to potlucks as excuses for trying out new recipes and having friends finish off the food. Alas, it was not meant to be that day.

I can't find an adequate description for the Thousand Layer cake. It was a pre-made cake brought by a friend who says the origins are Indonesian. There's an Emeril LaGasse recipe on Google but... well, I find that highly suspicious. >.>

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