Saturday, January 21, 2012


Calamari Fritti - Fried fresh squid with fresh lemon

Funghi Fritti - Crimini and portobello mushrooms in rice flour batter with
white truffle oil

Maialona - San Marzano tomato, hot salame, cotto ham, sausage, 
pancetta, black olives

Ananas e Gorgonzola - Gorgonzola cheese, mozzarella, fresh pineapple, 12 yr old balsamic vinegar (plus ham)

I've been to Fritti once before and had a good time there. I went with another set of friends before seeing a production at Dad's Garage down the street. The last time I was there, we split a pizza (can't remember which one) and one of my friends got the calzone, which looked like an entire pizza was folded in half and fried. :oD WOW!

This time around, we exchanged the calzone for calamari and fried mushrooms. The mushrooms were really good. I expected the texture to be on the soggy side but they were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It tastes good by itself and better with the sauce, I think. The calamari was also good - believe it or not, sometimes it's hard to find good calamari.

The pizzas were great, though the Maialona was quite salty. I should have known that that would happen what with all the meat involved. This is fair warning for the rest of you out there! ;oP

I made the mistake of assuming the dessert menu would be on the restaurant's website and it is not. :o( Sadly, I do not remember the names of these desserts but they are both tasty in their own ways. I preferred the panna cotta over the cake myself. I do remember that the panna cotta had coffee flavoring on top (hence, the dark syrup striping), which made the taste unique, in my opinion.

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