Monday, January 2, 2012

Crawfish Shack Seafood

Shack-Tastic Platter for two (spicy) - Snow crab, blue crab, crawfish, mussel, shrimp, corn, and red potatoes

Dozen raw oysters

So, I'd seen Crawfish Shack Seafood on Scoutmob over the summer. I wanted to go but there was a scheduling conflict of sorts and I couldn't use it by the expiration date. I passed along my Scoutmob to a friend of mine who, in turn, treated me to Crawfish Shack in the fall/winter with a coupon. AWESOME! ^_^

There were three of us; we got there around 7pm and was told that the seafood would take about 45 minutes. We were getting together to catch up, so time wasn't a major issue. I'm glad they told us up front! I don't mind the family-style seating, but the one unisex restroom is disconcerting. Fortunately, the majority of the other customers were already well into their meals when we arrived. The restaurant itself is kind of hard to find. It's one of a few shops in a newish outlet off of Buford Highway (on the left when you're going south; on the right when going north) near the Plaza Fiesta. If it weren't for the neon sign though, I would have missed it. There's no signage next to the street that lets you know that that is where the restaurant is located. :o\ No signage that I could see anyway. And it sits between a tattoo parlor and a club - weird.

We ordered the Shack-Tastic Platter for TWO and one dozen raw oysters. Despite the cheesy name, there was a pretty good amount of seafood. It was certainly enough for the three of us! The spicy version has a really good kick to it - I can't figure out what they use to spice it though. When you eat the corn, which has soaked up all of that spice, your mouth easily begins to burn. It was great! I love seafood, so I'd definitely like to go back sometime. 

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