Monday, January 2, 2012

Ali Baba's

Falafel Combo #1 with hummus

I'd been meaning to try Ali Baba's for a while. They only have lunch hours, so it's a bit difficult to get downtown and back in time for a one hour lunch. O.o I caught up with a couple of friends in the process. :o)

I was starving so I ordered the falafel combo with hummus. They have other sides but I went with a safe choice. The restaurant is pretty much a hole-in-the-wall type near the Aderhold building on Georgia State's campus. It's so small, you have to walk a few feet away to another part of the building to get to the soda fountain. Haha, I thought that was kind of funny. :o) There's indoor seating in the basement level of the building as well as outdoor seating just outside the restaurant. The food's tasty and cheap - what more can you ask for? I've heard from one or two people about the owner saying that they basically serve "slop" to the masses who think it's the greatest food on earth. I'm not sure whether this is true but as long as the restaurant passes inspection, I don't really care. If food tastes good, it tastes good, you know? The combo was quite filling; I should have gotten the falafel by itself. O_O Yummy, filling food for less than ten bucks. They do accept credit cards, but I paid with cash.

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