Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Savannah - Day 1

I hadn't been to Savannah or seen my friend in Savannah in about two years, so this visit was long overdue! Apparently, a lot of new restaurants have popped up since the last time I was there. My friend took me around to a few places to show me what Savannah has to offer.

El Jefe Burger - 1/3 pound grass-fed all-natural beef with cheddar, black bean and corn salsa, avocado and jalapenos and a side of cole slaw

Regular menu


Brick Oven-Roasted Mixed Olives - A mix of Mediterranean olives

Gnocchi (off the Specials menu) - House-made gnocchi of the day tossed in a light garlic Parmesan cream sauce with Oregon Chanterelle mushrooms topped with crispy pork

Cappuccino fudge cheesecake

Green Truck Pub

My friend took me here when the first lunch option, a French cafe/bistro, was closed for an extended period of time. By the time we got there, I was ravenous! The burger was delicious! It was as big as my hand and the jalapenos added a nice kick of flavor. As described in the menu, the cole slaw isn't heavy on the mayo, which was nice. It was hard for me to finish the cole slaw but only because I made sure to finish the burger first. ^_^

Leoci's Trattoria

This was a lovely restaurant, perfect for a date. We were given a complimentary bread basket, which we should have kept when the olives arrived. I like olives but I also limit my intake because they are so salty. The bread would have been a good cleanser for them. Oh, word of warning: some of the olives were still pitted.

What sold me on the gnocchi was the crispy pork - everything before it in the description sounded great but the pork just sealed the deal. ;oD I also liked that a half-size portion was available. I knew my friend and I were hitting up a dessert bar later in the evening, so I specifically tried NOT to eat my fill at dinner. That was hard!

The gnocchi was fantastic. The sauce was a bit salty at times but the pasta and its cheesy filling balanced it out. Everything on the plate was tender and melted in my mouth. It was heavenly; the half-size portion was perfect. *salivating* I could easily eat that again ... right now.

Lulu's Chocolate Bar

I opted for the cappuccino fudge cheesecake because, well, I don't have cheesecake that often AND I liked that it had cappuccino in it. I was less excited about it once I started eating. To me, the cappuccino flavor wasn't that strong and the cheesecake portion itself tasted off. I did like the cookie crumb crust at the bottom though. I wouldn't pick this up again, but I would try something else there.

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