Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

I mentioned in a previous post how a friend made chocolate cupcakes that did not include milk or eggs. I finally had the time to make a version of my own, which I "borrowed" from doing a Google search. I believe I added one more half cup of flour to the mixture because it didn't have the right texture - too liquid-y. I should also mention that the recipe I included is intended for a CAKE. I made roughly 14 cupcakes total (12 in the pan; 2 were my test subjects). Other than that, they came out great! I decided against frosting and used Cool Whip whipped cream instead. I figured the cupcakes were mildly sweet already, and I didn't want to drown it in sugar with frosting. I took this batch to a friend's apartment-warming/birthday party recently, and they were a hit! I'm keeping this recipe in my arsenal for future occasions. So simple and healthy!

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