Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Tempura Sweet Potatoes with sweet chili aioli

9 Veg Curry Falafel - Four falafel discs covered in spicy curry vegetables

Churro Bread Pudding with hot chocolate sauce

Second trip to Takorea! This time I took a few more friends with me, and I was able to sample a couple of different menu items. They *had* to try the sweet potato fries - these are in the running against the sesame fries for best junk food menu item. I still love the sauce that comes with it! While my friends ordered tacos and bibim bop, I went for the unusual: falafel. I had no idea what the plate would look like when I got it, but it was a glorious plate. You can get full off of it, easily. The falafel discs were smothered with vegetable curry which, despite the menu's claims, wasn't spicy. Of course, I didn't mind this. I was more entranced by the combination of falafel and curry to really pay attention to that minor detail. The dish was quite tasty.

Afterwards, one of us was still hungry so we shared a dessert: churro bread pudding. This sounded so delicious (even without a description), so I was glad to see that it was a moist cake. I was a little surprised by the appearance as it looked more like a cake than a bread pudding, but it tasted delicious. The hot chocolate was not too hot, so you could eat it right away. The whipped cream appeared to be made in-house - it was quite thick and definitely did not come out of a can. I'm glad we shared this dessert because there was no way I could have eaten it alone, not after the sweet potato fries and the veg curry. O_O

I still love this place plus its sister street food restaurant, Hankook Taqueria. You can find older posts about these two restaurants here, here, and here.

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