Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sushi Yoko

Tempura - Deep fried shrimp and vegetables

Shrimp tempura roll

I've never been to Sushi Yoko before, and I have no excuse since I pass by it every Monday through Friday. The menu is in two languages; the English version starts about halfway through the menu. There's sushi in the regular menu but there's also a separate sushi menu. Confused? Yep, I was curious about that, too. I wasn't hungry enough for a full meal so I opted for one sushi roll and one appetizer. I don't normally order fried items but I knew tempura is quick, tasty, and timeless. Tempura is a pretty safe choice though; I need to get out of my comfort zone on this one. The shrimp tempura roll (there's that tempura again!) was all right. I do like roe and there was plenty of it in the roll. When it comes to sushi, I really lean towards those high-falutin' rolls with the medley of contents and /or the spicy mayo on top. I can't help myself but I think those are super delicious. The ice cream was complimentary and had clearly been scooped earlier in the day and kept frozen in the dish in the freezer. :o\ Not how I would serve it but I ate it anyway. It was quite malleable considering the circumstances.

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