Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mini Hot Pot, Part 2

Second trip to Mini Hot Pot! [Note: For the menu, the Yelp entry is more helpful than the actual website.] This time around, my friend and I split a hot pot order. This strategy turned out AWESOME because I couldn't finish one by myself last time. O_O We ordered the meat combo (we chose beef and lamb) with beef bone broth. There's a sauce stand in the back - this time I had BBQ sauce with garlic sauce and cilantro. One sauce combo that is also good is to mix BBQ sauce with creamy peanut butter, to your tastes. You'd have to supply your own peanut butter but TRUST ME, it tastes SO GOOD! You can't go wrong with hot pot - you're effectively boiling food for your meal.

Here is a previous post about Mini Hot Pot, which includes a better picture of the menu. We didn't get the complimentary taro this time around.

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